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New Apprenticeship

Take your farmer education with New Apprenticeship on Grindsted Agricultural College.

New Apprenticeship consist of 6 weeks in school taken, doing 2 years internship on the praxis farm and a farm project on the farm. If you want to be a farmer, you need to start your education to follow and pass the New Apprenticeship exam in the vocational main area Food, Agriculture and Adventures.

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Learning Activities

Biology and Science are two compulsory subjects - students have to pass the exam in one of the subjects. These two subjects are important for students to get a basic knowledge before taking the academic subjects later in the education. Students have many other subjects doing the 6 weeks in school like pig, cow, and crop. On the farm students have to pass the praxis farm exam by showing that the required skills has been obtained. Doing student praxis, a mentor from school will assist with achieving the learning goals.

"The Year Around" Is the theme of the entire course

This means that we take month after month and look at what happens on the praxis farm. We look at what happens in the stables, workshop, fields, etc. The praxis farm is the students school project for class work in the 1st Main Course. 

Teaching methods

  • Teaching in class
  • Field Internship
  • Workshop Internship
  • Stable Internship at our internship farmers 

Certificates acquired in New Apprenticeship

  • Fire-fighting
  • §26 Safety course
  • First Aid Course
  • The small milking certificate
  • Driving license (tractor or car)
  • Medicine course  

New Apprenticeship exam

After 12 months, students have gained a lot of technical and practical knowledge and will have a practical and theoretical exam on the praxis farm.  

Now you have completed the basic course, and is ready for internship from an approved farmer

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Grindsted Agricultural College

Offers farmer training from basic course to agricultural economist. The school is a boarding school, where 90% of the students live at the school. It is situated idyllically in the north of Grindsted, and shares facilities with TronsøSkolen, that is a free vocational school, where horses, karting, engineering, agriculture and tourism/gastronomy are the options.

There are plenty of opportunities for leisure. In Grindsted is swimming pool, bowling alley, movie theatre and library. At school we have motor club, fitness, sports hall and outdoor sports courts.

Call the school: 0045 75 32 07 22
Gitte Mikkelsen: 0045 20 77 91 60 /

Do you need more information?

Call the school: 0045 75 32 07 22

Gitte Mikkelsen: (0045 20 77 91 60 /