5 Questions for Carmen

Why did you choose Grindsted Agriculture School?

I chose Grindsted Agriculture School, because it´s the only school in Denmark were they teach the classes in english. The reason why I chose this education, is to learn more things than at the farm and to meet new people and make new friends. Also, it´s possible to stay at the school.


What is the best about Grindsted Agriculture School?

Friendly people, many activities- both practically and theoretically. 


How have you progressed professionally?

I have learned a lot about animal behaviour, so it´s easier to understand the animals.


What has been your favourite experience?

My favourite experience was when we went on a school trip to a museum in Esbjerg.


If you were to recommend Grindsted Agriculture School to others, what would you highlight?

I like that there´s enough breaks between classes and good accommodation. It´s nice that there´s a fitness and a bar. There´s a good chance to make new friends and learn a lot of things, because the teachers are very interested to teach you something new.